STEP’s Aims

STEP was founded with the aim of bringing together all the practitioners in the field and cutting across old established professional boundaries.

Through meetings, seminars, lectures, national and international conferences and the exchange of technical papers and reports, Members share information, knowledge and experience, and benefit from the network of contacts that membership provides.

STEP is established for the following objects relating to those working in the field of trusts and estates:

The Aims of the Society are:

1.  To provide a forum for individuals drawn from the legal, accountancy, corporate trust and other professions whose occupation includes a significant involvement, at specialist level, with any of the planning, creation, management of and accounting for, trusts and estates, executorship administration and related taxes.

  To promote discussion of aspects of tax, accounting, administration, statute and case law which are of general concern.

3.  To advance knowledge and learning in respect of trust, estates and allied subjects, to encourage and promote the study of trusts and estate practice, and to educate members of the public including practitioners.

4. To organise and hold conferences, meetings and assemblies to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of relevant information and data to promote a better understanding of the practical aspects of the foregoing.

5. To undertake research and make suggestions and representations of a technical (strictly non-political) nature to governmental and other persuasive bodies to promote a better understanding of the foregoing and to improve the law relating to and practice of trusts and estates.

6. To maintain requisite standards for practitioners by way of education and training; and to organise and hold appropriate examinations and issue qualifications.

Today STEP offers the vision:
The responsible stewardship of assets today and across future generations under the guidance of STEP members.

STEP’s mission is to:
1. Be the worldwide professional body of practitioners advising on both the responsible stewardship and structuring of assets by individuals, families and businesses today and across the generations and the structuring of those assets to care for dependants and the vulnerable.

2. Promote the highest standards through education.

3. Demonstrate the value of good stewardship and planning across future generations to governments, professionals, financial institutions and the public.

4. Be the representative voice of the industry, as a unique professional body providing a local, national and international learning and business network for its members.